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CoverTree Speciality Home Insurance
Now available for modular homes in Arizona!
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A better type of insurance has arrived for mobile homes in Arizona!

As of March 3, 2022, CoverTree is offering its speciality insurance in the Grand Canyon State. Arizona has always been a booming place for manufactured homes, spurred by affordable land and sunny, pleasant weather. There have been plenty of great places to put mobile home parks in Arizona. The Grand Canyon state is also a buyer’s market.

Modular Homes in Arizona

There are plenty of places to purchase modular homes in Arizona, as well as manufactured homes and tiny homes.

Many counties are also getting on board the trend of alternative living, such as tiny homes in Arizona and now have building codes similar to single-family homes. Meanwhile, tiny homes with wheels have codes closer to travel trailer mobile homes. Arizona even has tiny home communities popping up across the state and people really embracing this type of minimalist living.

We do insurance better. And here’s how.

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CoverTree Specialty Insurance is ready to help if you’re looking to get specialty insurance in Arizona.

CoverTree covers
more than you might think.


Your Home

If something happens to your home – or any attached structures on your property – we’ll cover the repairs or the rebuild.


Your Belongings

It not just stuff. It’s your life. And if there’s ever a theft, fire, or other unfortunate event, we’ll help with the repair or replacement.


Personal Liability

Our coverage protects you from bodily injury or property damage to others (or their stuff) – at home or anywhere else.


Loss of Use

If your home is somehow destroyed or uninhabitable, we’ll provide you the funds to continue your lifestyle, including the cost of living elsewhere.


Other Structures

For covered risks, we’ll help you repair or replace structures on your property—a fence, for instance.


Medical Payments to Others

If an injury happens on your property, you can be liable—and we’ll help cover those expenses.

We are proud to offer insurance on homes of all shapes and sizes, Different products for different needs.



Protect your home and family from the worst disasters. Up to $500,000 in home value, personal property, and other structures. You deserve to be protected.



Protect your family and belongings from what life might throw at you. You have collected a lifetime of treasures. Renters insurance helps you get back on your feet.



You worked hard for your investment. With landlord insurance, you can protect hard earned assets and avoid litigation. Flexible options maximize your return and budget.

Our coverage is extensive and helps you Protect everything you’ve earned, without paying everything you’ve got.

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