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A Nails 'n Beyond franchise is simple and easy! With the brand being well-established, a Nails 'n Beyond studio can be set up with minimum advertising and marketing costs, and zero hassles in identifying locations. At the Naturals group, we have always stood for women’s entrepreneurship and we are proud to have promoted over 400 women who were earlier homemakers, into successful entrepreneurs and Naturals franchisees.

Benefits of becoming a part of our family -

Become a Nails 'n Beyond franchisee and enjoy the benefits of an established brand, specialized training, and expert marketing support. With a cost-effective investment, rapid ROI, and tailored financial guidance, you'll confidently navigate your journey to success in the thriving beauty industry.

Franchise Costs

With an affordable investment, you can access limitless potential! Start your Nails ‘n Beyond franchise journey with a cost-effective investment that paves the way for a thriving beauty business.

Specialized Training

We want you to master your craft with specialized training! Empower yourself with our comprehensive, hands-on training programs, designed to help you excel in every aspect of your Nails ‘n Beyond franchise.

Financial Support

Sometimes to unlock success you need financial support! Benefit from our tailored financial guidance to help you navigate the initial stages of your Nails ‘n Beyond franchise with confidence and ease.

Return On Investment

Accelerate your earnings and experience a rapid return on investment as you build a profitable Nails ‘n Beyond franchise, backed by our proven business model and strong brand recognition.

Brand Value

You can capitalize on the brand value of both Nails ‘n Beyond & Naturals. Leverage Nails ‘n Beyond's established reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, and harness the power of our trusted brand to boost your franchise's success.

Marketing Support

Keep your customers happy and flourish with proactive marketing support! You can benefit from Nails ‘n Beyond's expert marketing strategies and resources, designed to drive customer engagement (& happiness), increase brand visibility, and accelerate your franchise growth.