How to Attract and Retain Digital Marketing Talent

If you're an employer you know the love-hate relationship with hiring and firing, here's the employer's 101, a simple guide towards hiring better digital marketers.
If you're an employer you know the love-hate relationship with hiring and firing, here's the employer's 101, a simple guide towards hiring better digital marketers.

if you are interested in a better kind of digital marketing we're here to help you scale.

Attracting and retaining digital marketing talent

With a relatively sudden upsurge in the demand of digital marketing, it’s becoming furthermore important to hire better employees and keep them on your side to aid your business growth. After all competition exists, and to compete with the best, you’ve got to have the best.

Keeping your workforce happy and content is simply more practical than losing a productive team and then going on hiring a new one. Stats paint a clear picture of this with over 92 percent companies deciding to set focus on employee experience.

Coming up are 5 ingenious ways to ensure employee retention and satisfaction and grow your business with a one of a kind team. These are in no specific order and so all of them are equally important.

Starting up with probably the most important and wise tip, aiding them in personal and professional growth.

1. Aid their growth 

Digital marketing is a skill that requires the understanding of the market and if the latter is good at it, you need to ensure that you add value to their life and learning apart from just giving them a salary.

One way of doing exactly this is by constantly providing them with training campaigns and micro-courses to grab onto industrial concepts quickly. This will further add to their intelligence, taking their productivity up, and thereby ultimately increasing your return on investment.

Not only is this a clever way to mutually benefit the employer and the employee, but it also aids the relationship between them, making the corporate life more malleable to them.

Now that we know that mutual growth is a key point in retaining your employees, let’s see how important it is to digitize the already digitized marketing world.

2. Digitize your workspace 

Being a digital marketer, one is always enthusiastic about new and upcoming feats of technology and artificial intelligence. Integrating these breakthroughs into your workspace creates a more intriguing and user-friendly environment for the employee.

As important as it is for satisfying the employee, it’s equally important for your firm. AI tools are not simply a replacement to your workforce but a smart addition to it, which aids its overall productivity.

Furthermore, the ease of reduced hard work results in enabling the employee to run their creative brains on the right and more productive path.

3. Trends and feedback are a must 

Keeping up with marketing trends enables your firm to stay in loop with the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry. As the industry accelerates through the asphalt roads of the internet and social media, trends are an important factor in deciding who’s up to date and who’s out of date. Encouraging your workforce to engage and track new trends is another smart move and will yield results that you can’t simply calculate.

On the other hand, taking feedback from your comrades makes them feel valued and in turn provides you with a checklist of pros and cons in your work ecosystem. Integrating ideas and add-ons suggested by them will further aid employee retention and mind this strategy works like a charm. 

This is not simply fooling your employees into a trap but instead is a way to factually add value to all the parties involved.

4. Certification is a Gallantry award

Just as we told you, adding in value to the employee means everything to them. This includes adding value to their portfolio and thus their professional life. Certifications have more value than ever and at times can become a decisive factor in interviews.

A certificate highlights the skills and specialization of the candidate and ensures an employer of the quality of work the employee can deliver. Giving certifications to your employees in the fields they excel in boosts their confidence and empowers their resume.

This has a bilateral effect as it will increase the employee’s trust in the current firm and thus reduce the chance of him ever switching!

5. Employee satisfaction is the key

Overall employee satisfaction is going to be the deciding factor if your most productive employee will stay or not. Promotions and bonuses being the root of it, you also need to have an optimal work culture which gives importance to the mental health of your employees.

According to studies, more than 60% of American employees are stressed because of their corporate culture. If the employees are feeling mentally harassed by the job, it will either lead to them to quit the job or lose interest and focus all together. This is not good, neither for the employees nor for the employer.

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Analytics tools are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. They help businesses track and analyze their online performance and make informed decisions. The tools mentioned above are some of the best analytics tools available in the market and can help businesses of all sizes and industries.

We hope this article helped you learn something new and added value to your time. Want to stay up to date with the latest in digital marketing? Catch us on social media on our handles below and we’re there to help you.

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