Why User Experience is Key to Digital Marketing Success

Thinking of why good user experience design is important for digital Marketing success? Here's what you need to know.
Thinking of why good user experience design is important for digital Marketing success? Here's what you need to know.

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User Experience – Why is it so important?

While Running your campaigns, have you ever noticed that the bounce rate is high and you are not converting, even though it seems like you have done everything perfectly? User experience design might be the culprit here. User experience is the way a user interacts with your website. User experience is also involved in helping evaluate and helping to test what is proposed, making sure that you are building the right thing. 

Your website needs to be designed in such a way that the user can find all the information required and all the steps required to be able to do their task. If the UX design of your website is bad, is not intuitive, and is confusing, the user will just leave your website and they will go to a competitor’s website. 

How to step up your website?

  • Try to make your website as much easy to use as possible. The navigation should be easy and there should be consistency and the user should be able to follow the guidelines throughout the website. 
  • The page speed of the website should be as good as possible. 
  • Optimize for mobile

People are always on the run and their smartphones are their computers which are in their pockets. So it should provide the option to access your website, regardless of where they are. Design the mobile version of your website or landing page first, and then move on to the desktop. 

  • Testing your UX design is very important. It is better to test a second or third time while running any campaigns. 

Importance of UX for digital marketing strategy

  • Colors matter.

Guiding users to contact points through the use of color, shape, and custom icons.

  • Keep pages simple

Choosing the right font can give a fresh touch, or a feeling of something new, and unexpected to your content. 

  • Add videos

Videos are a great way to convey necessary information. This helps in bringing entertainment to a website. 

  • Test out your designs

Get feedback from a user’s genuine first impressions. It is the most valid indicator of the UX. 

  • Keep pages clutter-free

Make sure to give the eye’s attention with elements that are arranged effectively. Try to give a proper placement for all the elements added and allow for flow.

Importance of UX writing in digital marketing

  • It leads us into the mind of the user. 

Giving attention to the words and actively reading the interface as a user, helps to effectively stay engaged easier, and know how the visitor will interact with the interface. 

  • This gives context and direction to the flow.

Check if the button label is explicitly giving the details of what will happen when a user taps it.  Does the copy language provide the user context as to where they are in the flow? Is the following screen in the correct series, or have you missed a crucial step?

  • It shows those design problems that may have been missed.

Reviewing your UX copy is the best way to check and identify the design issues that may have flown under the radar.

  • It determines the spacing and size.

Without an understanding of copy size and spacing, you cannot design accurately. Having a stab at the copy helps in understanding the dimensions that you should work with. 

  • It prompts early stakeholder input.

Your role as a UX writer is to start the conversations early. This is to get you started with the initial input. You will gain profit from this.  

  • The unreliability that can happen in the product experience can be clarified.

When a new product is introduced in the market, the user needs specific guidelines for them. In such a situation, writing UX will take the role of a facilitator. It makes the product experience clear.

  • UX writing humanizes your products.

For instance, if we take the example of slack, which is a company known for its voice or retable branding when a new user joins the workspace, required assistance is given by the chatbot, which acts as a live support agent. 

  • It helps you drive more engagement. 

Engagement consists of user interaction and communication with the services and products offered by the company to its customers. UX writing helps in driving more engagement.

  • During every stage of UX writing, identify users.

A well-designed strategy of UX writing in digital marketing shows the user’s intentions, feelings, and needs.

The Role & Value Of UX

  • Help create a better understanding of users and customers and express the same
  • Provides a framework & additional detail about how the strategy is translated into an experience
  • Helps identify opportunities for creative ideas as well as what they need to address where & when
  • Considers the wider context of devices, touchpoints & other aspects that might have an impact
Sushanth Shyamsundar

Sushanth Shyamsundar

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