YouTube releases different layout options for the channel profile section on mobile.

YouTube is experimenting with different layout options for their channel profile section across mobile devices, this is to effectively convey to users what your channel is all about.

YouTube is experimenting with a few features over the next four weeks and with the aim to convey what a channel is all about and increase the number of subscribers on a channel more effectively, YouTube will be experimenting with different metadata layout options for the channel profile section on Android devices.

Upload of channel banner on mobile: YouTube will soon roll out this feature on iOS and Android that enables the creator to change or update their channel banner on mobile. Until now, one can only do this on a studio desktop. The creator can set the channel banner by either selecting a photo from the phone gallery or by simply taking a photo at the moment and setting it directly as a channel banner.

About Tab layout: YouTube will be rolling out improvements in the layout of “About Tab” for all channels in mobile to make it easier for users to get channel details. These changes will include three things: A new layout for clearer presentation, showing the custom URL of the channel while linking it back to the channel share function, and showing icons for channel links.

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