Developing ROI Driven Social Media Strategies

Social media marketing is no longer a branding or business choice, it is a necessity. With so many active demographics on social media worldwide, this is where you want to engage, influence and make a difference. In this blog we talk about the most important elements of social media marketing.
Social media marketing is no longer a branding or business choice, it is a necessity. With so many active demographics on social media worldwide, this is where you want to engage, influence and make a difference. In this blog we talk about the most important elements of social media marketing.

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What is a social media strategy? 

Simply put, a social media strategy is a plan that outlines your social media goals, the tactics you will use to achieve them, and the performance metrics that will be tracked. Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. You want  a simple and precise plan in meaningful, measurable ways. This will help you identify  channels and tactics that succeed and those that fail. Watch this webinar to learn how to love your social media strategy! Ultimately, your social media strategy should increase your target audience’s brand awareness and engagement across social media. 

What are the benefits of  a social media strategy? 

 Maybe you’ve run a successful social media campaign or you’re good at engaging with the content you post. This one time success is within reach. However, the hardest part of social media marketing is consistency. Do you understand why the campaign or post was successful? Can you copy it easily? Creating a social media strategy can be scary to think about, but it offers many tangible benefits for your business, such as 

  •  A Guide to All Social Media Activities 
  •  Improving Brand Awareness 
  •  Providing Communications Customer Service and Support 
  •  Improving Audience Targeting 
  •  Driving and Increasing Website Traffic 
  •  Content Optimization 
  •  Generating Higher Quality Leads 
  •  Creating Social Media Influencers 
  •  Promoting your unique content that can go viral (remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?) 
  •  Offer social commerce and shoppable posts 
  •  Information, which you can analyze and measure

 As you can see, social media has huge benefits, so creating a strategy will help you achieve your business goals and increase customer engagement. 

 Although content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are closely related, there is a difference between them. 

 Marketing strategy is the right place to start if you want to direct and improve your social media activities. It includes some basic elements like audience research, creating personas, choosing  social media platforms and  more. Content strategy focuses on  content formats and results. So you should look at content creation, communication and tone, content timing, etc. 

What is a social media engagement strategy?

Your social media engagement strategy is important because it creates relationships with your audience across different networks. It helps you  manage your community through social media  and build your brand. 

 The two main goals of an engagement strategy are: 

  1. Community management: This can be done by offering advice via a blog, responding to post comments, answering channel surveys and taking surveys or polls to learn more about your customer base. . 
  2. Grow your following: Interaction is key here, so provide valuable content  such as engaging video content, attract potential customers with free content or contests, or simply present your brand as active and helpful by engaging people in your networks in a responsive manner. 

 User Generated Content (UGC) can play a key role here because it is proof that the people who support your brand are talking about  it and are not coming from your company or marketing team. Here are four great examples of UGC to inspire you.

 What are the steps to building a successful social media strategy? 

 Now that you understand the basics of a social media strategy, let’s move on to the  steps you need to take to create a strategy. We’ll also highlight where you can integrate your content strategy and engagement strategy into your overall social media activities to ensure you’re covering all the bases. 

 Here are 5 steps to creating a successful social media strategy, including:

1. Know your target audience 

 The first step in developing any  strategy is to know your target audience. There are thousands of different categories of people on social media, and you want to target your ads and  social media posts to those few who will actually convert into potential customers. And for that, Ms. Alka Thakur uses her expertise to help clients identify their right target audience on social media and then figure out ways  we can serve that  audience. 

 The second part of this step is also to do a lot of research on anything and everything related to your product and service category,  from  competitors to other  market entrants with similar service products, and only then can you develop appropriate strategies to proceed. your business marketing plan 

 2. Create interesting content 

 The second and most important step would be to create  content that your target audience would not only be interested in seeing, but would  be interested in. The  content you create defines your current customer base and helps attract new  customers. Our Nagpur social media marketing company at OSK works round the clock to help  clients create the best  content for  social media. 

 3. Engage with your followers 

 Your followers can be existing customers or potential customers who are interested in your brand. Either way, it’s the best way to get a return on investment from whatever you’ve spent  marketing your brand on social media. communicate with  followers, not only to retain them, but also to engage them and know their feedback to improve our products and services. In this century, where the customer is  king, it is important to know exactly what the customer wants and needs. Running regular sweepstakes, contests and other engaging activities will help your customers connect with you on a brand level as they would benefit from the brand  more than just the product or  service. 

4. Use a separate content strategy for different social media platforms 

 Now we all know that there are some different groups of people who have adopted different social media platforms and  to target them you  need different social media strategies for each platform. If you post content on Facebook aimed at the younger generation, which is often used by Gen x and boomers today, the result will obviously not be as effective. Ms. Alkal has always had a habit of using different social media strategies for each client for their different social media accounts and this has been very beneficial to the clients  we serve. 

5. Stick to your brand theme 

 Every brand has a theme created from the beginning that later becomes their identity. But for it to become their identity, they need to be consistent with their theme and allow customers to associate your brand with that  theme. Only if a customer can retain and remember the small but important details of your brand are they  likely to stay or return. By creating a specific color palette  on Instagram or using a similar pattern in their posts, the client connects with them and thus increases  brand awareness for their customers, ultimately increasing their ROI.

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