“what’s the buzz? Twitter Paid Ads and why it’s for you”

While organic tweets help you engage with your audience effectively, that’s not the only way to go! Here is how paid ads on twitter help you gain twice as more traffic as organic tweets would.
While organic tweets help you engage with your audience effectively, that’s not the only way to go! Here is how paid ads on twitter help you gain twice as more traffic as organic tweets would.

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The Advertisement industry witnessed an enormous boom in its growth over these past few years. The reason behind this is quite trivial considering the fact that this industry is very closely related to the e-commerce industry which itself had its uprisal in this past decade. Social media platforms became the new central pillar of media and television commercials evolved into Social media advertisements as the whole community dwells and roams much more often on this platform. Organic ads on social media like Facebook were a great opportunity for several commercial brands as they came free of cost and was having a good reach and conversion rate. However, realising this enormous potential of such ads Facebook itself reduced the reach of organic ads to promote their paid ads services which kind of forced several brands to actually settle for a paid ads setup.

But now the question was since we are already paying which platform would be the best to invest in? A study showed that there was a 0.1% increase in the paid ads services by facebook compared to Organic ads. Even though it’s kind of mim\nimal to an entrepreneur it still is a decent catch. However, the same study pointed out that Twitter paid ads to have double the conversion rates of organic tweets. Now, this is the real buzz of the business. The Twitter ads also provide a good range of services making them an exceptional option to invest in. Being in-stream unlike other platforms where the ads get pushed to the side, Twitter ads can guarantee you a much higher engagement rate and this is exactly what you want while getting in touch with your customer audience. Twitter also provides very simple ad formats including Promoted tweets, Promoted accounts and Promoted trends making it quite user-friendly for a brand.

With less than 140 characters here are the services you could use from Twitter ads to shoot up your conversion rate:

Lead Generation Cards

One of twitter’s most fantastic features and innovation-led generation cards are such a privilege for lead marketers. They assist you in collecting and understanding leads from within the tweet keeping the process hassle-free and neat for you and the consumer. A simple click on your call-to-action does the job and this simply makes the job extremely easy for you. With all the technical aspects of it covered and followed exactly as mentioned in a super simple step-by-step guide by Hubspot making these alluring cards will be a piece of cake for you.

This is one of the sole reasons we consider twitter ads to be such a blessing for a lead marketer. Being comparably cheaper and performing based on Twitter ads are going to aid you in growing a successful business.


A study by Convertro pointed out that around 87% of the responses to social content were made in a split second or that the amount of time a consumer would actually devote is quite lower than what you might expect.

So the idea is to come up with keyword-oriented, SEO content that would be tempting enough for your consumer. It needs to be catchy, appealing and most of all simple. It’s also quite sensible to use it along with your leading cards option because then you will have the liberty to choose whether you should have text or display the CTA button.

Some of the important things to keep in mind while creating your call to action are to make it responsive by asking a question or demanding action. It could be asking for a download, retweet or a reply. The idea is to have more personal interaction with the user so that you can indulge them and their thought process in your ad.

Custom Targeting

Yet another incredible service provided by Twitter is the targeting options they provide. Even if you have the right content in place it doesn’t reach the right audience then all your work and effort will be in vain. By using the option of custom targeting you can make sure to direct your ads to the kind of customer base you want to approach. 

Twitter allows you to do this targeting through keywords, interests, gender, location, language and specific mobile or desktop devices. However, none of these is the most appealing feature. Twitter also helps you to target users who are similar to your pre-existing customers hence increasing the chance of lead conversion, This tool can play a pivotal role in boosting your conversion rate and make your whole content strategy get applied more efficiently. 

There is also the option of Tailored audiences. It significantly aids you to direct your content to the right group of people by letting you create groups of existing and potential customers from email addresses from your customer relationship management database. Existing customers who probably already like and trust you are the best group to be targeted as you can expect a fruitful response from them.

With the rapid decline in the reach of organic ads as time passes and the slow increase in the pricing of competitive platforms like Facebook and Adwords Twitter is indeed the right option for futurist entrepreneurs. Even though Twitter has fewer users compared to the other competitors it was found by a study that around 34%  of twitter’s users are more active and log in more than once a day. Hence logically speaking the consumer crowd on Twitter is more to approach. By leveraging your Twitter lists you could really organize your followers and maximise your engagement. Twitter provides you with a beautiful opportunity to grow your business. The services provided are clearly oriented in a way so that the ad creator would reap the most benefits out of it.

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