Influencer Outreach Solutions

Effective digital marketing includes efficient use of influencers that guide a big audience across numerous social platforms. Our expertise and experience helps us devise and handle mutually beneficial influencer partnerships.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Our team will collaborate closely with you to create effective strategies for influencer campaigns and launch them. We can ideate together to determine your business objectives and which types of influencers we should employ to reach those goals.

Blogger Outreach Solutions

Our services are designed to get you links and mentions to your website from relevant bloggers within your sector. Search Engines then use these mentions/links as signals of authority, which in turn, can help your website to rank higher within search results.

Blogger Meetups & Promotions

Inviting bloggers to talk about your brand is always a best practise when it comes to Social Media Influencers marketing! Click here to learn how Blustream can help!

Contests & Campaigns

A contest should help you achieve a marketing or business goal. The best social media contests bring your audience from social media to your website, where they’ll see your branding, browse your products and services.

Content Creator Solutions

Over 70% of the top marketers credit ace content strategy for their digital success. Collaborate with our content creators to streamline your content efforts and push inspiring media online on a regular basis.

Celebrity & CAT A Tie Ups

A Brand may need the celebrity for the endorsement, social media, viral campaign, print shoot, appearance or just any association, Blustream offers the complete solution for Celebrity and Brand Tie Up.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored content gets your company in front of people in places that they’re already looking. Because it holds useful information and feels appropriate for the context, it’s a persuasive way to tell people more about what you do.

Content Amplification

Don’t think that your work is done after creating content. Instead, adopt this philosophy: The very best content marketing strategy can only go as far as a great content amplification strategy will take it.

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