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What is consumer insight in marketing?

Consumer insight is the analysis and interpretation of human behaviour and trends, undertaken by brands to truly understand their audience(s) and improve the effectiveness of targeted marketing efforts. The insight can also delve deep into anthropology and ethnography to uncover societal and cultural drivers, to better understand the ‘why’ behind consumer actions and behaviour.

Consumer insights and intelligence are best gathered from a variety of sources on an ongoing basis, to provide a qualitative and 360 ̊ view of your audiences. Methods of gaining consumer insights can include interviews, surveys, focus groups, Google Analytics, competitor consumer insight and social listening.

It’s important to note the nuances when marketing to B2B vs B2C markets – particularly the shift B2B marketing has encountered with the advent of emerging digital technologies. How and where you communicate to B2B and B2C customers requires a different approach, yet there are general marketing practices that apply to both markets.

common mistakes brands make when assimilating consumer insights

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