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What is location based marketing ?

Location-based advertising LBA is a term used to refer to geographical targeting marketing strategies that focus on tailoring customized messages to users located in a specific place or region. These can include texts or push notifications that are triggered within a defined region or by a certain action. Such a strategy is especially valuable for small business advertising where customers’ location is often a defining factor for making a purchase.

For instance, imagine a consumer searching for shoes in a certain city district. He or she can get multiple offers from different stores, but the one located within 500m is much more likely to get this customer compared to the retail stores that are based further away.

Similarly, cafes and restaurants might find it quite efficient to send notifications to the nearby mobile device during launch hours - at the right time and the right place an angry customer might find their offers hard to resist. That’s why it is so important to use location data.

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How does location-based marketing work?

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