why your website needs a technical seo audit

There are several reasons you need to perform an SEO audit of your website.

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exactly what is an seo technical audit?

With content and links hogging all the attention, technical work is sort of the red-headed stepchild of the SEO world. Sure, creating great content and earning powerful, contextual backlinks are essential to the Search Engine Optimization of your website, but a technically deficient website could render all other tactics ineffective.

Technical SEO focuses on meeting Search Engine guidelines and requirements for crawling, indexation, and user experience. This is the SEO work that falls outside of on-page content and links. A technically-sound website enables Search Engines to crawl your content and contextual backlinks efficiently, and rank your webpages accordingly, thus improving your visibility with the SERPs.

most common mistakes that come up during an seo audit

we will help to Check and see if your website makes any of these mistakes.

few of the most important elements of a technical SEO audit include -

the top reasons why a technical seo audit is such an important part of your digital marketing strategy

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