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what is android development?

Android operating system is the largest installed base among various mobile platforms across the globe. Hundreds of millions of mobile devices are powered by Android in more than 190 countries of the world. It conquered around 71% of the global market share by the end of 2021, and this trend is growing bigger every other day.

Any application developed to be supported by the Android Operating system using the android software development kit (sdk) on android studio is the process of android development. The open-source operating system designed by Google especially for mobiles is Android. Android OS has been developed using Linux Kernel.

Because of the ability of easily modifiable (as its open source), most of the android developers have used different GUIs even when all of them use the same basic operating system. The open source code used for the development of android applications is Android Open Source Project (AOSP),

android development mistakes

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How To Measure android app performance and Results

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The Ul/UX design of your mobile app or website is a very critical aspect of your Website/Application. If your Website/App is to be successful, then it will entirely depend on your Website/Application User Interface and User Experience. You need to research what will make your app attractive and more engaging to your users. The only way to do this is by understanding the needs of your target market and their preferences.

if you’re looking to measure the effectiveness of your website, product, or application, there are various tools out there to help you – but the main thing is that the right metrics and KPIs need to be selected in the first place, we help you set them and build flawless digital assets.

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