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what are podcasts?

A Podcast can be understood as a series of episodes, digitally programmed and formatted, focusing on a specific theme or topics like technology, start-ups, or anything else. We can say that it is a radio in digital form. Podcasts are generally free and are available on a variety of platforms. You just need a device and an internet connection to listen to Podcasts.

Podcasting started in 2014 by Dave Winer (a Software Developer) and Adam Curry (MTV Video Jockey). The term Podcast was given by Ben Hammersley to make the concept popular. The journey started in 2004 gained some popularity in 2013 when Apple Inc. announced that they hit 1 billion podcast subscribers.

As of January 2020, more than 9,00,000 Podcasts were streaming, and millions of people listened to them at least once a month. Since then, the popularity of Podcasts has begun to grow tremendously.

common mistakes brands make when making podcasts.

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