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what exactly is abandoned cart automation ?

Cart Abandonment is a term used in the eCommerce industry when a visitor comes to your website and leaves the page before completing the desired action. It mainly refers to the abandonment of a shopping cart when a user adds a product to his cart and then makes an exit without completing the purchase.

The rate of Cart Abandonment is approximately 70% on an average documented rate. There are various reasons cited for Cart Abandonment that include extra costs too high, complicated checkout process, website errors, slow delivery, complicated or confusing return policy, no satisfactory payment process, a decline of the credit card, etc. Due to such reasons, users leave their products in the cart and later forget about it most of the time.

Everyone’s personal data will differ slightly, the wants and needs of online viewers will be vastly different so the use of data is paramount to ensuring that each banner ad is specifically personalised. A DCO banner will display information based on the location of a viewer for example, and will then be able to showcase the best deals and most suitable imagery for that ad.

common mistakes organisations make when implementing abandoned cart automation techniques.

when you decide to invest in automated abandoned cart workflows here are few challenges we help you overcome.

best practices for automating abandoned cart workflows

top reasons why automated abandoned cart workflows are important for your business

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